tommaso tani, LL.M. 1

['tom-ma-so] n.m.
synonym: ttan_
antonyms: tomasso

1. Associate General Counsel, Privacy & Digital product at Nike, former Tata Consultancy Services.
2. LL.M. at University of Leiden (NL), Law and Digital Technologies, privacy researcher.
3. Passionate about journalism, collaborator at International Journalism Festival and ValigiaBlu.
4. Producer and speaker for 3PO Podcast.
5. National basketball referee for NBB, rugby lover and decent cook.


Est. 1988. Born and raised in L'Aquila (IT), moved to Bologna for law studies (thesis on Communication and Right to be Forgotten) and law firm experience. LL.M. in Law and Digital Technology at Leiden University in August 2017. From 2022 in Nike.

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